Definition of a Toddler

According to Miriam-Webster dictionary a toddler is defined as “a young child who is just learning to walk.” Us parents know differently. To us a toddler is the person who knows how to push your buttons, even if they don’t mean to. A toddler is the person who you love dearly but also gives you the most stress.

People don’t tell you when you’re pregnant that the little person inside you will bring you so much love and joy and you will love them unconditionally, but that person will push you towards insanity.  Once they do that they will smile and say “I love you,” so all will be forgiven. They also don’t tell you that your child will be perfect in company and drive you insane once the company leaves.

Definition of a Toddler

The problem I have with my child is that she doesn’t listen me when I tell her something. Even getting her to go to the bathroom was a struggle. She will run around the house and get me to chase her because she thinks it is funny. She will  hit me and when I say stop that she will do it again, probably because she,again, thinks it’s funny.  I’ll ask her to eat dinner and she will cry so hard simply because she doesn’t want to.

I asked other parents about what to do and they all recommended the same things:

Make your child an offer they can’t refuse! 

Say things like: “if you want to go to school, then you have to eat your breakfast.”  I thought maybe if I stop telling her to do things and asking her to do The other day the eldest came up to me around p.m. and said “I want chocolate for dinner.” Rather than saying no, I said “if you eat dinner, then you can get chocolate for dessert.” For the first time she didn’t fight me and said “ok mommy.”

Speak Calmly

As much as you want to yell, it only fosters a reaction, at least it does with my child. Once I yell at her to do something, she yells back. If I do my best to talk to her and say “I want you to pick up your toys” or try to turn the chore into a game, I get her to do the task without any trouble

Pick Your Battles 

I have heard that a lot, you have to pick your battles. Let them get away with some things. If they are having a good time, maybe I’ll extend her bedtime by an hour. Maybe I read her an extra book before bed. Maybe I let her have an extra piece of cake. From what I have learned, sometimes the rules are meant to be broken.

Let your child have a voice and do your best to remain calm when dealing with a toddler. They will push your buttons and test your limits.



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