My Kid Is SOOO Mad at Me Right Now

My eldest is very mad at me right now. Why do you ask? Because I took away the tablet. She has been on the tablet for 45 mins and I felt that was enough. Once I took the tablet away she naturally started to cry.  My mother then tells me to just give it to her. NO! Yes I took away the tablet and yes she doesn’t like it, but I just don’t care.  She cannot get whatever she wants, when she wants them.  The world doesn’t work that way and she has to learn that. child-playing-with-ipad

I am not her friend; I am her parent. Part of my  job as a mother is to set boundaries; her job is to push my buttons and see what she can get away with. I love my child and one way I am showing her that I love her is by setting limits and raising her to become a nice and respectful person. As mommy blogger Kristina Kuzmic says, I am always going to have her best interest at heart and her well being is more important than her opinion of me. There are some things she has no choice. Yes she has to go to bed at a certain time; no she cant have chocolate for breakfast; no she can’t sit on the tablet all day. I am parenting her and I know she is not going to like me all time. I am the one setting the rules. For those that have kids who are mad at them…go pour yourself a glass of wine and remember this: While they are not always going to like you, they are  always going to love you.




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