Don’t Judge

Every parent is trying to raise their kids the best way they know how. You want them to grow up and be considerate happy adults. I am a working mother and I decided to go back to work when my child was six months old.  I was judged a lot by other moms telling me I made the wrong decision and it would affect my bond with my child. While it may be the wrong decision for you, it was the right decision for me. I can tell you that my bond with my child is fine, they are both happy and healthy. All those comments did was make me feel guilty for doing something I felt I needed to do. I went back early because of circumstances beyond my control and it was the best thing I could do for my family, so there was no need for me to feel guilty. I love my kids and I am doing the best I can. Yes, I make decisions that another parent may not agree with, but those decisions are right for my family. If you see another mom doing something you don’t agree with, unless the child is abused I encourage you not to say something. It will only make the other parent feel guilty about

Don't judge other moms poster
Don’t judge other moms poster

making a decision that is right for their family.

So moms, let’s support each other and not judge each other. No matter how you feed your child, if you give them organic food or not, if they are dirty or clean, if you stay at home or are going to work…try not to judge your fellow moms. #endmommywars


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