Sandy Hook Promise

A mother who lost her child to a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary is on a mission to stop this kind of violence from happening to other children. She founded a campaign called Sandy Hook Promise, which just produced a PSA to let other parents know of the warning signs of gun violence.  As the video shows these warning signs are easy to miss.

When I first watched the video I didn’t notice all the warning signs, because they were very subtle. I didn’t notice the student in the background studying a weapons magazine, the student getting bullied, or the student watching a video of other shooters until it was pointed out to me at the end.

This is a cause that is close to my heart. I worked in a newsroom for many years and I happened to be in the control room the day the Sandy Hook shooting happened. While we were providing Canada the news, I saw images that were heartbreaking and had to make the call of what to show on T.V. I have been involved in many breaking news stories, but I came out of the control room crying when my shift was done. This storying was the most heartbreaking story I have ever worked on.

The website says “before there is an act of gun violence, in most cases, the attacker tells someone about their plan” and encourages parents to look at these warning signs and say something about it. I encourage you to get the facts about gun violence and if you see something speak up.  There are too many lives lost because of gun violence and it could be prevented.


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