I have a hack for that! Being a mom is hard…so I scour the web for you finding amazing Do It Yourself tricks with everyday items you can find at home.

Coats and car seats do not mix! Putting your child in a bulky coat can stop the car seat from doing it’s job. The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada says, “the harness holds the child in place to prevent injuries. If you add a layer of bulky padding between the child and the car seat straps, this padding can compress in the force of the crash, making the straps suddenly too loose and putting your child at risk of injuries or ejection.”


I live in Canada and it gets cold here. If I can’t use a jacket in the car for safety reason, then how can I keep my child warm in the car during winter. So I did what any mom would do and looked online. I came across an idea from another mom…a car seat poncho. I made one over the weekend and it was surprisingly easy. I used a tie blanket and cut a hole for the head.

Here is a link to the tutorial from Crafty Mommy At Home.